YSPSC Projects


The main islands of Yap (called Yap proper as well) were electrified with a 13.8kV network fed by a diesel power plant (capacity in 2017 will be 10.6 MVA) Following this conventional model, Ulithi – Falalop – Mogmog and Woleai- Falalop O.I. (outer islands) were electrified with small gen-sets and mini-grids (2 HV and 1 LV) Yap geography forces YSPSC to introduce mini-grids. No other options. The small generators associated with mini-grids have demonstrated all the inconvenience of the conventional solution, high cost of electricity and environmental issues with diesel fuel transportation in the atolls. The reason why in 2006 YSPSC was involved right at the beginning of the European Development Fund program. EDF 9 started introducing Renewable Energy with PV solar farms supplying minigrid. After long discussions, the power generation with coconut oil was dropped and only PV solar has remained. Since then, off grid RE systems have been installed all over the remote islands with different forms, mini-grids, micro-grids, community stand-alone systems, residential stand-alone systems Before 2005, French Aid introduced the first PV solar stand alone systems in the most remote island of Satawal (home of the famous traditional navigators). At this time the utility was not involved at all and the community encountered great difficulties to maintain these undersized systems. The new rural electrification has been possible thanks to off grid RE systems Willing to achieve 100% of electrification, YSPSC has selected different options in collaboration with the State, the Federal government, the EU, the implementing agencies and contractors / suppliers which were awarded tenders. 100% of electrification can not be claimed yet but this is not far at all. Although it should be reminded that off grid RE systems provides limited energy to customers, this is also in accordance with what people can afford at present. One way or the other, electricity has a cost and it is part of YSPSC tasks to inform the public and leadership of the State about the fair price.

YAP STATE EDF 9 implementation

1 – EDF9 – “Support to the Energy Sector in 5 Pacific Island States”, REP-5

Yap within FSM(budget 4M EUR) was one of the 4 beneficiaries for the electrification of 2 islands

Program implemented by IT POWER with Utilities involvement from 2006 to 2010


Competitive grant

Applicant: Yap State Public Service Corporation (YSPSC)

Total project cost: EUR2.5 M

EF contribution: EUR1.875 M

From 2012 TO 2016, electrification with PV solar of 11 islands


Yap within FSM is one beneficiary for the electrification of 5 islands

Program implemented by SPC with involvement of Utility at conception stage

From 2012 – delayed by major destruction caused by Maysack typhoon in 2015 – partial completion in 2016