James Gilmar -
Chairman Government Appointment
James Limar - Secretary/Treasurer Government Appointment
Tony Tareg -
Vice Chairman OI Private Sector Rep
Francis Faney - Director Government Appointment
John Hagileluw -
Director OI Rep
Santus Sarongelfeg -
Director OI Rep
Peter Garamfel -
Director Private Sector

Yap State Law No. 6-2

To amend Yap State Law No. 4-4 by amending Subsection (a) of Section 6 concerning the members of the Board of Directors of the Yap State Public Service Corporation, and for other purposes.

“(a) The Corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board shall be composed of seven members nominated by the Governor with advice and consent of the Legislature. At least two of the seven members shall be from the private sector, and one of whom shall be from the Outer Islands. In addition, two of the remaining five members shall be from the Outer Islands. The Governor shall make his nominations for the three members from the Outer Islands after consulting the Council of Tamol. The Governor shall submit his nominations to the Legislature within ninety days after the effective date of this Acct”