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Water Plant

Mr. Suemad inspecting the Trench in Lanadabiy
Mr. Faney observes during Fusing pipes connection
416B backhoe on the move To cover the pipes
Clement clearing the site for New 4” HDPE pipes
The 3 musketeers, Mr. Ayin,Moon, and foreman Kabe
A 2” lateral service saddle Installed
New water hook-up at Henry’s Worswick res. By chug/clem
Where is your SAFETY shoe?Asked Melissa. No AWA!
Mr. Moonfal & Saufmai Check water pressure
The 2” blow off discharged Quality water. Pressure ok
The crews uses new cables To power snake the outfall
Detecting leaks with Leak detection instrument
Are we done yet? Asked by Mr. Gilmatam. Smoke break!
Valve exercises & cleaning With vactor pressure gun
Water plant backhoe & Centerlane Excav. In wuluu
Pressure gauge
Pressure gauge readings on The Wuluu 4” line Ext
Generator at the Eyab well Field
Well # 2 – high and quality Production in Eyab
Pressure Gauge
Centerlane Const. crews Working on warehouse Ext
Melissa and Faney at Lanadaby Project
Well #2
Presentation during the PWWA Conf. in Fiji
Fusing the pipe

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