Yap State Public Service Corporation
Yap State Public Service Corporation
P.O. Box 667
Colonia, Yap FM 96943
Ph: (691)350-4427/7515 fax: (691)350-4518
email: yspsc@yspsc.fm
General Manager
Faustino Yangmog

Customer Services Manager
Gidion Moofal

Website Adminstrator
Wendell Setham

Power Plant

U8 camshaft failure inspection
U8 mechanical governor check
U8 side cover off for crack shaft web deflection
Lube oil supply inventory
CBM Radiator controllers
Servicing of valve cage
U8 cam failure inspection
Emergency air compressor coupling failed
Expansion joint replacement On Deutz unit
Pumping hydraulic pump to Undo Main Bearing cap
Jacket water pipe repair in Trench
New flexible joint install
Crank shaft web deflection
Air compressor unit repair
Deutz oil sump cleaning
Fuel line servicing
Truck servicing
Calibration of switches
Main bearing pulled for check
Side covers being put back After deflection
U8 governor on stand for over Night oil leak check – failed
Falalop Ulithi power plant Control room sw. board check
Falalop Ulithi new battery Water machine hook up
Falalop Ulithi transformer Servicing
Falalop Ulithi Olympian Generator checks

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