Yap State Public Service Corporation
Yap State Public Service Corporation
P.O. Box 667
Colonia, Yap FM 96943
Ph: (691)350-4427/7515 fax: (691)350-4518
email: yspsc@yspsc.fm
General Manager
Faustino Yangmog

Customer Services Manager
Gidion Moofal

Website Adminstrator
Wendell Setham

Power Distribution
insulate and isolate
Heavy traffic
Installing the hot line tree
Job briefing (tailboard)
hot sticking while line is hot
hot sticking while line is hot
Communication is the key to hot line work
Ground men at work
Two bucket trucks to the work makes easier
closing in the transformer
Traffic Control
Instructor : Spike
Working it hot
Making sure all is correct
Digging hole for the last pole in ngariy project
tamping and securing a pole
plumbing and aligning a pole
substation work
setting the pole
Setting a pole using the derrick
Aligning a pole: facing the belly button against or towards the guy
getting ready to energize

Power Distribution Employee
  Name Position
1 Steven K. Libmad Power Distribution Manager
2 Giltamag Baroy Journeyman Lineman
3 Florintino Ruwawyoch Journeyman Lineman
4 Jacob Jake Choay Journeyman Lineman
5 Thomas T. Sham Equipment Operator
6 Pantaleo H. Yachdar Journeyman Lineman
7 Calvin Gorong Lineman
8 Peter Tamngig Journeyman Lineman
9 Julio T. Yalsemal Journeyman Lineman
10 Lucas Moon Journeyman Lineman
11 Marsilus Yilbuw Lineman Helper
12 Samuel Terag Lineman Helper

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