Yap State Public Service Corporation
Yap State Public Service Corporation
P.O. Box 667
Colonia, Yap FM 96943
Ph: (691)350-4427/7515 fax: (691)350-4518
email: yspsc@yspsc.fm
General Manager
Faustino Yangmog

Customer Services Manager
Gidion Moofal

Website Adminstrator
Wendell Setham

OI Operation
Mario Sukulbech
Outer Island
Operation Manager

Acting Secretary

The Outer Island Operation is consisting of 3 diesel operated power plants and 2 solar power plants. These power plants provided 24 hours power to the customers they serve. Four of these are located on four different islands in Ulithi Atoll and one located in Falalop Woleai. They are manned by a total crew of 16 personnel.
The Outer Island Division is moving toward green energy to cut down on the use of expensive fossil fuel and at the moment 5 solar mini-grids are under construction on the other islands to increase the total renewal energy. It is expected that they will all be completed by the end of the year bringing the total installed capacity of Solar power in the Outer to 309.77kwp.
Next year we are expecting to install over 336 stand alone solar units on the rest of the inhabited islands, ranging from 520watts to 2.5kw. We envision the entire Outer Island of Yap to be on solar power by the end of 2014.

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