Yap State Public Service Corporation
Yap State Public Service Corporation
P.O. Box 667
Colonia, Yap FM 96943
Ph: (691)350-4427/7515 fax: (691)350-4518
email: yspsc@yspsc.fm
General Manager
Faustino Yangmog

Customer Services Manager
Gidion Moofal

Website Adminstrator
Wendell Setham

Customer Services
Customer Service:

This department is responsible for all basic inquiries and updates about your utilities corporation. Customers can find out about all types of essential YSPSC services, contacts for important personnel and information about potential employment. If customers are unable to get what they need they can always speak to our customer service manager, Mr. Gidion Moofal.

Meter Readers:

The Meter Readers and technicians are responsible for the inspection and maintenance of your meters whether prepaid or conventional. Get to know the people that visit your homes to make sure your meters are working and in their best and safest conditions.
Gidion Moofal
Customer Service Manager
Theo Kabetamam
Meter Reader
Lucas Moon
Meter Reader
Paul Fagalflagrong
Meter Reader
John Genam
Meter Reader
Kailona Gillipin
Cash Power Cashier
Jamal Ranganbay
Cash Power Cashier
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